WANTED---15" x 114" Kimpex aggressor or Camoplast track, new or good used, wide or narrow holes, flat or guide clips. Also spindle bushings for '75 TNT FC--have 1" hole, ---'76 RV single muffler---NOS muffler for '74-'75 FA---any RV parts---TNT single cyl. engine parts---Got any of this please bring to Bear Brook next week.
Looking for a 77 Z belly Pan and hood channels. Even a good quality pattern will do. Text is best rsr.scottenterprise@gmail.com
WANTED---79 MM Blizzard single cyl. piston, would likely be marked 78.88 & would have coated dome. Uncoated TNT piston would be OK. Have some smaller Blizzard pistons for trade.
WANTED---TNT 292 fan housing--tag must read 292---also need 292 base with 7/8" crank. Will be at Bear Brook swap June 1
WANTED---NOS muffler for '74-'75 TNT FA 440--do not want used one. TNT FC is different--don't want one of them. If you think you have one, please send pic.
WANTED---'71-'72 TNT 292 base with 7/8" shaft---also need any size L-ring pistons for 292 & 340 single cyl. as well as jugs & heads. Also need Kimpex aggressor track new or used with 3/4" lug height & wavy rib design--flat or guide clips OK. See you at Bear Brook. Thanks for this great site.
WANTED--- Anyone got any NEW spindle bushings for '75 TNT fan cooled---need at least 4 but would buy more.
Looking for a 1978-81 Arctic cat 5000 free air el tigre engine, 500cc suzuki, do not need clutch, carbs, or a pipe. Would consider purchasing a complete 78+ el tigre for the right price can need work. Must be located in New England closer to me the better unless you're willing to ship. Please email me first thanks
WANTED---OEM covers for RV, Elan, & '75 TNT FC. New or very good used only. Please bring to Livingston's or Bear Brook if you can help.
WANTED--- RV engine parts--anything RV---bellypan for '78 RV or good chassis or roller---solid Elan frame or whole sled---Elan or Spirit hood unbroken---TNT single cyl. parts---Will be at Livingston's & bringing TNT FA & FC parts.
WANTED---15" x 114" Kimpex aggressor track, new or good used. Wanted wavy lug design not straight lug, wide or narrow holes OK. Will be at Livingston's on Sat.
Wanted---fan housing for 292 TNT single---tag must read 292. Rodney in Ossipee NH, I lost your #. Also looking TNT single cyl parts--any jugs, heads, & new L-ring pistons. Have lots of FA & FC TNT twin engine parts for possible trade.
WANTED-- Have been told that some '72 xx-1300 & xx-1340 Ski-daddlers are still available that are still in the crate. Anybody know ??? Was told that they were in New York.
WANTED---Kimpex aggressor track--15" x 114" with wavy rib design, not straight across bars. New or good used is OK. Flat or guide clips also OK. Please bring to Livingston's next week if you have one. Thanks for this site.
Going to Livingston's next Sat.---Looking for complete Elan or solid bare frame---single cyl. TNT stuff---RV parts---Will bring TNT FA & FC engine parts if there is any interest. Also have NOS starters & speedometers, some 440 FC mufflers. See ya there !!!
due to a crisis with mold im in search for any building supplies scraps/leftovers walls floors my kitchen has to be ripped out. plywood luon tiles ..help please!text 6039918130 or call
over a month agoLittleton, NHItems Wanted
Are your kids over the Pokemon trading card game? I'm looking for older Pokemon cards.
over a month agoSt Johnsbury, VT+18 milesItems Wanted
looking for a wicker dresser like a four drawer or less thanks